Things I Have Given You

Gifts I may have given youthingsIn our time of knowing. When our paths crossedSuddenly – unexpectedly.Serendipitous. If I have. You will know.My gifts are unusualUnlike others –Worthless –Against the normal world. My gifts, they came from aA troubled manWhom I sat byAll my life. Watched him catchGlimpses of strangeSaints – Angels and glimpses of GodWhileContinue reading “Things I Have Given You”


I only needed your helpFor a few daysBefore I disappearedFrom view. Saw in youThe shadowsThat spooked youIn daytime, sun bright andWhenNoOneIs really there. Stood in frontOf them –Blocking themFrom your view. Said – Don’t listen to the shadows.They disappear with the lightAnd when another is near. You –dropped my hand in darkness.Let me find myContinue reading “Days”

Empowerment vs Disempowerment

Narratives for survivors and for understanding survivors.  Empowering narratives – the role they play and how important they are for survivors. I want to talk today about empowerment and disempowerment and the role it plays for survivors of extreme and traumatic events in childhood. Empowerment is a positive state of mind. Disempowerment is the opposite.Continue reading “Empowerment vs Disempowerment”

The Sexualisation of Women and Girls

What’s Happened to Sex ? What’s happened to women and girls? A great light of shame shone on Pornhub recently where it was found that 14m of their videos contained child abuse, rape and trafficking. I’m not moralistic about pornography – sex is sex. But, I have been concerned, for a long time, at theContinue reading “The Sexualisation of Women and Girls”

Good Enough?

Good enough. Is what you give meand I give yougoodenough? I want to leave you –looking outward through glass. Your gaze turnedto girlsfull of chatter,observefemale handtuck hairbehind ear,crossslender footover other,movement that tiltspelvis in rhythmicconversation. Lostin male observationin the midst offemale banterbehind glass. Then –you’ll leave our crafted hearton the station floor, your hushed scuffed scatteredContinue reading “Good Enough?”

I know

I know I know the sexyou had beforeme – was the type –where: she stoodexposingher clitorisfrom theother side ofthe room. Pouting –Pornography –ExclaimingCan you come ? You – in the other corneron your kneespenis in hand. I see –the distancebetween your penishand and her pulledback fingers. Like neither ofyou have beenshownSexLoveConnection. She makes you bellycrawloverContinue reading “I know”

Me and You

Me and You I’ve put all the clothes I’d wearInto the wardrobe –hung them on hangers,brushed out the creases,closed the door.Placed the tinykey on the dressing-table –for you whenthe house abandonedechoing and empty of me. There will always be partsto take out, look at, admire.Feel the weight of fabric, examineseamstress sown hemsand cuffs.Silks, tweeds andContinue reading “Me and You”