Two Three

It’s been a long

Since –

Saw your sudden face
In glimpse –
Shocked head turn
Your visage
Grey – tinged with
those forever
Blue eyes.

The light
crystal white
clear –
Like you’d polished
Every surface with
Crystal polished cloth
White –

Scrubbed, scuff
Marks –

All these years
Separate pieces.

Dedicated your time
To looking at
The mark.
Assessed its
Thought –
How to rub its surface clean.

Crossed your mind:
that you could
buy me
Chunky gold bracelet
that would sit over large
Flattering my
Thin bony

Pocket poor
decided to dedicate
homage to
Memories –
Rotten, raucous,
Back room bar off
The Holloway Road

Where you
Me –
Shoulder to
In whisky, wine,
Tears in the lifetime since.

Bereft for
The tragedy you
Befit me.

Now –
I see you stretch your
Back like a cat.

Published by Stella McHugh

Survivor of so many things that happens to women and girls.

One thought on “Two Three

  1. Thank you CV, YR and Sebastian for your reading of works. Like most artists, I write when I am not taken up with life in the outer world. Therapy path is going well. Sending thoughts. Stella


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