Things I Have Given You


I may have given you
In our time of knowing.

When our paths crossed
Suddenly – unexpectedly.

If I have.

You will know.
My gifts are unusual
Unlike others –
Worthless –
Against the normal world.

My gifts, they came from a
A troubled man
Whom I sat by
All my life.

Watched him catch
Glimpses of strange
Saints – Angels and glimpses of God
While he gripped my forearm.
His sight cast into a distance
Unfathomable to me.
But still – I watched
Stood by
his side
his troubled mind.
The crack of his voice.
Tear shed in front of fire
At the loss of his mother.

Once – I saw him weep at the edge of his bed.
While he grasped and grappled
at the imagined.
It was a broken whimper that
sounded to me like
Mercy shrouded and drowned.

Stood near – seemed like half a mile away
When I asked are you okay?

He -unable to lift his head
You care about me too much.

There are four men I have given gifts to.
Gifts that arrived in silent of night,
Stilled of storm, early morning rise of sun.

If you are one, know, these gifts I gave
of you
came from a troubled man.

They are treasures.

Nov 12

Published by Stella McHugh

Survivor of so many things that happens to women and girls.

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