The Sexualisation of Women and Girls

What’s Happened to Sex ? What’s happened to women and girls? A great light of shame shone on Pornhub recently where it was found that 14m of their videos contained child abuse, rape and trafficking. I’m not moralistic about pornography – sex is sex. But, I have been concerned, for a long time, at theContinue reading “The Sexualisation of Women and Girls”

Good Enough?

Good enough. Is what you give meand I give yougoodenough? I want to leave you –looking outward through glass. Your gaze turnedto girlsfull of chatter,observefemale handtuck hairbehind ear,crossslender footover other,movement that tiltspelvis in rhythmicconversation. Lostin male observationin the midst offemale banterbehind glass. Then –you’ll leave our crafted hearton the station floor, your hushed scuffed scatteredContinue reading “Good Enough?”

I know

I know I know the sexyou had beforeme – was the type –where: she stoodexposingher clitorisfrom theother side ofthe room. Pouting –Pornography –ExclaimingCan you come ? You – in the other corneron your kneespenis in hand. I see –the distancebetween your penishand and her pulledback fingers. Like neither ofyou have beenshownSexLoveConnection. She makes you bellycrawloverContinue reading “I know”

Me and You

Me and You I’ve put all the clothes I’d wearInto the wardrobe –hung them on hangers,brushed out the creases,closed the door.Placed the tinykey on the dressing-table –for you whenthe house abandonedechoing and empty of me. There will always be partsto take out, look at, admire.Feel the weight of fabric, examineseamstress sown hemsand cuffs.Silks, tweeds andContinue reading “Me and You”


MaybeGod has playedsome trick on meAlways –Devoid of love My familySweptto a distantshore.A placeI have no map for. Left me dislocatedAlonewithout walls A storm likeNo other. The oceanI wept-Still –never enough. Tried torepair myselfwith old threadOn spoolLeft by myMother.Threaded the needlein the dark.Felt the sharp endedpoint draw tiny specs ofwet warm blood. Was it inContinue reading “Devoid”

Endometriosis and Infertility:such unwanted and uninvited guests.

I can’t begin to tell you how I feel about my fertility. No oneprepares you for infertility. Rather, from the start you’re preparedfor fertility. In fact, you have to do the opposite of being all thingsfertile. The truth is people have children all the time – no one givesa fig that you don’t or can’tContinue reading “Endometriosis and Infertility:such unwanted and uninvited guests.”

The Blast

You – laid on the groundwound gapingand bloodied –dark blackskinshattered andhanging-weightless. You – oblivious.No thoughtforstitching.Been with you so longit’s unrecognisable. No one noticedtil I came along.Pointed withmy finger –while you saton a parkbench, arm restedalong the back. Your disbelief –like your head issevered from your neck .That my eyescaused the cavernousblack bloodied hole. ‘Everyone else…neverContinue reading “The Blast”