Good Enough?

Good enough.

Is what you give me
and I give you

I want to leave you –
looking outward through glass.

Your gaze turned
to girls
full of chatter,
female hand
tuck hair
behind ear,
slender foot
over other,
movement that tilts
pelvis in rhythmic

in male observation
in the midst of
female banter
behind glass.

Then –
you’ll leave our crafted heart
on the station floor,
your hushed scuffed scattered mind
will melt into the loud
footed floor.
All that melded between
us – you and I
will cease.

Then I will lay down, sleep
for a
Dream of other places
where you once existed
and men of unknown
shape and smile, offer me:
All the things you could

Published by Stella McHugh

Survivor of so many things that happens to women and girls.

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