I Could Spend

I could spend days
Sitting in our old garage
shed, studio
watching you shorn
Edges off wood, weld white
Sparks from melting metal
Twist clamp into exact position.

Us –
Enclosed behind an uncleaned window- glass –
murky from winter rain
dried by April sun –

Inside warmed brick
encased in the memories
Of our times spent together
Years lived out
Tears wept for misunderstandings.
Or arguments still not
Over what remained
Our yearnings for the narrow
road that
disappeared from view
As we drove through
the dark road back
From Brighton
Dog in the back
Resting his head on
Our back seat –
You sang like Sinatra

Turned my head in shock

All gone – now
All we have are these
Times – in the garage, shearing, sawing, sanding
Pare off . I’d take to my heart
your heart, alternate rhythm as
We drink tea from
Mugs you made.

These are far
Away days
Where I am always
With you.

For JR

Published by Stella McHugh

Survivor of so many things that happens to women and girls.

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