The thing about healing child abuse is that is confronting. When I first started healing, this confronting nature was rejected by society – at that time, there was an endless focus on family, normal and happiness. Confronting child abuse was what other people did.

Today, we see an outpouring of emotion about sexual assault, abuse, the injustices of misogyny. It seems everyone is embracing issues of child, girl, woman, their portrayal, depiction and treatment in society.

The confronting nature of child sexual abuse is essential for the individual healing it. But what society neglected for so long was, that: in confronting sexual assault they confront themselves and the values created by society.

In doing so, we must listen, hear, witness the pain of those who know the suffering of such travesties as they know how to heal it. In doing so, new paths of healing are found.

Embrace the pain. It is the only way through.

The personal is political: unity is power.

Om Shanti


Published by Stella McHugh

Survivor of so many things that happens to women and girls.

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