Self Portrait

2021 I’ve never drawn myself in words. Of all the images I have hadThese are the ones I recall. The artist on Shaftesbury Avenue who drew meat 19 on soft paper with charcoal.I looked at it for ages wondering ifThat was me? Another –outside Notre Dame, hair long, clippedand held back at the fringe –Continue reading “Self Portrait”

Falter vs Strong

Falter – to lose strength or momentum. Speak hesitantly Move unsteadily or hesitantly Verb – Action (Ref- Dictionary definition Google online) There’s a lot of talk about strength and how strong someone is. They are strong because they do this or that, perhaps warranted perhaps not. Where am I going you ask? It is aContinue reading “Falter vs Strong”


I only needed your helpFor a few daysBefore I disappearedFrom view. Saw in youThe shadowsThat spooked youIn daytime, sun bright andWhenNoOneIs really there. Stood in frontOf them –Blocking themFrom your view. Said – Don’t listen to the shadows.They disappear with the lightAnd when another is near. You –dropped my hand in darkness.Let me find myContinue reading “Days”

Empowerment vs Disempowerment

Narratives for survivors and for understanding survivors.  Empowering narratives – the role they play and how important they are for survivors. I want to talk today about empowerment and disempowerment and the role it plays for survivors of extreme and traumatic events in childhood. Empowerment is a positive state of mind. Disempowerment is the opposite.Continue reading “Empowerment vs Disempowerment”

Therapy Writing

Process your pain. Writing releases memories from the body. Written after breath work, meditation and yoga. In the Town Where I Lived. In the town where I lived, there was a shop in the precinct. Stood opposite the shoe shop where the hardest girl in town threatened me for casting a look at some girlContinue reading “Therapy Writing”


July If we were together –I’d take this busAnd come and see you – nowAnd sit on your sofaWith sweaty thighsAnd drink wine,While London blowsIt’s late sticky breezeDrifting in wavesThrough the open window. Covered in city grime from a sunLike the SaharaThe heat from your kissesOnly serves to addTo the desire. I imagine leavingGlitter onContinue reading “July”

We are all many things in our lives

We are all many things in our lives. I meander through all of them here, like a scrapbook of memories, thoughts, times – things I remember. Parts of me that I was that made the whole me today. Keep healing. The future is bright – just for you.


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